Resources in Partnership

“Review the Partnership Together”

Regular, joint reviews should be part of your partnership covenant or agreement. A review is an important process by which you and your partner discuss how the relationship is going and how any joint projects or ministries are progressing. Use this resource to help guide you through the review process.

“Create a Partnership Covenant or Agreement Together”

After you and potential mission partners have become acquainted through exchanges of communication, information and, perhaps, visits, one next step may be to consider creating a partnership agreement or covenant. Most partnerships are created for a three- to five-year period and are often renewed for subsequent periods. It is vital that both partners have equal… Read more »

“Discerning God’s Call to Mission in Partnership”

Is your group or church body or organization willing and prepared to make a deep and lasting commitment? Use this resource to help discern how God is calling you to do mission in partnership.