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Resources in Grants

Presbytery Transformation Grant

This grant is intended to provide funding to presbyteries in support of their efforts to develop a process for helping congregations to begin and continue a transformational way of life.  Transformation is the process of intentionally moving into a new reality and way of being that helps congregations envision what God is calling them to… Read more »

PW Quarterly Newsletter (Third Quarter 2011)

The PW Quarterly Newsletter highlights recent news from Presbyterian Women at the churchwide level. Find information from the committees of the Churchwide Coordinating Team, details about new resources, highlights of conferences and events, and what’s on the horizon for Presbyterian Women. Note: This resource is also distributed as a print piece, mailed with enclosures. The… Read more »

Sharing Our Blessings

Length: 3:20 “Sharing Our Blessings” is a visual thank you to Presbyterians for the lives and communities they have changed through the Self-Development of People ministry. For best results, right-click the Download link (or click and use “control” key for Macintosh) and save the file.

Fellowship of the Least Coin promotional brochure

This brochure offers a quick overview of the Fellowship of the Least Coin movement. FLC invites women from around the world to set aside the least coin of their country as a concrete symbol of their prayers for peace and reconciliation. These least coins support a range of programs, including gender justice issues, literacy and… Read more »

SDOP grants flier

Apply now for a grant from the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People.