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Just Living: Sustainable Autumn Living

Autumn is a season full of service opportunities for individuals and their congregations. Together we can work to bring about a more sustainable world and provide for people’s immediate needs during this season of harvest by: Working Diligently, Celebrating Responsibly, Sharing the Bounty, and Preparing for Winter.

Just Living: Alternative Thanksgiving Ideas

The way we celebrate Thanksgiving reflects our faith commitments. Our celebrations can extend the love and fellowship of Christ beyond our dining room tables. We can enact our faith at the table by choosing foods and ingredients that honor the people that produce them as well as God’s creation. With a spirit of celebration for… Read more »

Reclaiming Holiday Meals Poster

Whether at church or home, consider putting faith in action regarding holiday meals and gatherings. Here we provide a variety of ways Presbyterians are minimizing the impact of our consumption on the planet.

Reclaiming the Holidays Poster

If you feel called to celebrate differently this year, talk with loved ones and explain why you have made a switch. Be gentle in your explanations and invite others to journey with you through the process.

Food Faith and Mindfulness

Food is our sustenance, our nourishment, part of God’s bountiful gift of creation. The earth produces, we eat, and our bodies move forward fueled for living. We need the energy contained in food to work, to play, to love each other, to do the work God calls us to do. Food is also where we… Read more »

Considering our Treasure: A Reflection on Embracing God’s Economy

Through our sustainable living work, PHP empowers Presbyterians as they engage a life of faith by helping individuals assess where your “treasure” is and where it is being spent. We believe that “God’s Economy” is one of abundance for all, but to live within this kind of economy, our relationship to those resources must reflect… Read more »

Ideas for Reclaiming Advent and Christmas

Ideas for Reclaiming Advent and Christmas In Advent we wait for the coming of Christ. At Christmas we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Shape your seasonal celebration to be one centered on the true meaning of Christmas. Prepare for the holiday by simplifying life, incorporating prayers, giving alternative gifts and serving sustainable foods. Share the love of Christ with others throughout your life… Read more »

Sustaining Waters

Sustaining Waters “Sustaining Waters” assists Christians to be good stewards of water. As such it is divided into three sections: Clean Waters, Abundant Waters and Recovery Waters.

Green Living

Green Living Navigating through the world and living with a keen environmental awareness embraces this call. Each of us has the power to make choices that reflect our faith commitment to preserve life. Together we can live each day in homage to God by living green and sharing our witness with the world.

Eco-Palms bulletin insert

Download our bulletin insert for use on Palm Sunday to educate your congregation on the benefits of your church’s participation in the eco-palms Project.