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Resources in Advocacy

PW Structural Review Task Group Report

Voting delegates at PW’s 2012 Business Meeting will consider a resolution to commend the 2003 Structural Review Task Group’s Report to PW groups. The task group worked from 2001 to 2003 to assess PW’s organizational structure, programs and resources from an antiracist perspective. Their report includes various recommendations for individuals and PW groups to proactively… Read more »

Internship / Fellowship for Public Witness work contract

This Work Contract will become the guiding document for your Internship experience.  It is intended to give shape to your learning experience and work by providing guidance and framework, and by establishing mutual expectations between intern and supervisor.  While the goals should be realistic and reachable, the work contract should also be flexible.   

Justice and Peace Links—Words Matter

Words can hurt, words can heal, and words shape our realities, coloring the ways we experience the world. They are the tools we use to interpret our experiences, to relate to one another, and to build a relationship with God.  Learn more about Words Matter, an ecumenical project to reinvigorate deeper conversations about the power… Read more »

Justice and Peace Links—United Nations Commission on the Status of Women 2011

The United Nations Commission on the Status of Women is an annual meeting of nongovernmental organizations committed to ensuring women’s equality and promoting women’s rights in the resolutions and work of United Nations member states. Representatives of Presbyterian Women attended this meeting in 2011, focusing on education, job training, science and technology. Read more about… Read more »

Office of Public Witness internship information

The Internship for Public Witness seeks to provide substantive, formative work and guidance for persons seeking experience and vocational discernment in the church and in the public square.

Social Creed Bulletin insert

Use this bulletin insert with the text of the Social Creed for the 21st Century the Sunday before Labor Day or on a day of your choosing.

Social Creed poster

Social Creed poster Download a color poster with an overview of the Social Creed for the 21st Century.

Bound Together: Sin, Hope and Social Change

by The Rev. Jennifer Ayres, Assistant Professor of Christian Ethics, McCormick Theological Seminary A Biblical and Theological Perspective is produced each year by the Washington Office to provide background information to advocates on why we, as Citizen Christians, address our elected and appointed officials about public issues.