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1001 Worshiping Communities | Water’s Edge

A group of people at a church in Los Angeles started asking, “What if we started a church, like the one we attended in college, where we could take all of our friends?”  Hearing their desire, church leaders help them create a new worshiping community in South Bay.

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1001 Worshiping Communities | Sweaty Sheep

A passion to reach endurance athletes leads to the creation of new worshiping community in Louisville, Kentucky.  Now it is helping other churches find re-creation through recreation, meeting God and others in new ways.

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1001 Worshiping Communities | New Hope

A worshiping community built on the premise that all people matter is reaching people of diverse background in cities across Southern California,  who are investing in people’s and the lives of their children.

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1001 Worshiping Communities | Thien An

Seeing the needs of people living in isolation in their community, Presbyterians create a new worshiping community to meet the needs of some 50,000 Vietnamese immigrants in Houston, Texas.

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Definition of a new worshiping community

Here is our newest definition of what we believe a new worshiping community is.  It is based on numerous conversations with ministry colleagues in evangelism and church growth, theology, worship, and education, and racial ethnic ministries.  We have also incorporated comments from GAMC members and mid-council leaders.   Our hope for this definition is that it… Read more »