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words matter

말의 중요성 Words Matter

신학적 대화 2017-3: Tres Rios 노회의 미국장로교 목사인 Mary Beth Anton의 “말의 중요성Words Matter”. 앤톤이 지적했듯이, 단어가 하나의 무기로서 새롭고 부주의한 방식으로 사용되는 방식을 벗어나기는 어렵습니다. 우리는 또한 말의 사용이… Read more »

Words Matter – Lenten Devotions

This Lent, the Words Matter project invites you to the spiritual discipline of paying attention to your words. Far from a desire to be politically correct, Words Matter focuses on… Read more »

Words Matter

Use the Words Matter conversation guide for promoting dialogue rooted in diverse contexts that continually explores language as a life-giving tool. See also: Words Matter – Lenten Devotions

Well Chosen Words

A brochure that explains why inclusive and expansive language is important and suggests ways to express the fullness of God’s presence including guidelines for speaking and writing. Produced by the… Read more »