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SDOP Flier

Learn about SDOP funded partners. Interpret the SDOP ministry with this one page brochure with information on how to get involved.

SDOP Informational Brochure

The trifold brochure includes basic information about the Presbyterian Committee on the Self Development of People (SDOP). It shares examples and pictures of types of established partnerships with low-income community… Read more »

2015 SDOP Sunday

 Each year, on a Sunday in Lent, Presbyterians celebrate the ministry of the Presbyterian Committee on the Self-Development of People, a ministry of the One Great Hour of Sharing.  This… Read more »

How your congregation can help

 This informative resource suggests ways in which local congregations can support the Self-Development of People ministry to economically poor community groups.  

Birthday Celebration Form

Use this form to make a tax-deductible gift through Presbyterian Men on your birthday to support mission projects at home and abroad.

Go Figure – Deciding where to donate

Suppose someone gave you $200 to give to a charity or religious cause. How would you decide where to contribute? We presented Presbyterians that scenario on a 2005 survey, asking… Read more »