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Peacemaking in the Family by Mr. Rogers

Four Intergenerational Events for Your Church, by Fred Rogers and Barbara Marsh

This adaptable resource, developed in 1984, is both timeless and timely, coauthored by Rev. Fred Rogers, an ordained Presbyterian minister and the renowned television personality of the long-running Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. This resource is organized around four areas of family life – feelings, growth, hard times and celebrations – and identifies peacemaking skills that can be employed to strengthen all members of a household. For each topic there is helpful background information and an intergenerational program design It is based on the book Mr. Rogers Talks with Parents, written by Fred Rogers and Barry Head. Even though it is over 30 years old, the lessons held in this resource and the inspiration of Fred Rogers are as relevant and important today as they were when first written. This resource is made available free of charge.