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Gracie Bake Sale Recipes

Consider involving your class in One Great Hour of Sharing by hosting a bake sale featuring international items. Ask the class to bring baked goods from home that are made from recipes from around the world and sell them after church. Including recipes with the baked goods will please customers and emphasize the project’s international theme. In addition to the items made at home, invite the class to make/decorate fish-shaped cookies to look just like Gracie! The Gracie cookies can be sold or used as a special thank you for bake sale customers. The cookies also will be a reminder that gifts made through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog support One Great Hour of Sharing, which in turn supports the feeding of the world.

Have the class choose items from the Presbyterian Giving Catalog, and let this help guide the class goal. Announce the class goal when promoting the event to church members, letting them know that the proceeds from the event will benefit One Great Hour of Sharing through the Presbyterian Giving Catalog. After your event, let the children complete the downloadable order form found at https://presbyteriangifts.org/site_media/static/assets/PDF_Orderform.pdf and submit the gifts. Don’t forget to let members of the church know the final outcome of your class project!