2018 Celebrate the Gifts Resources

On Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday we honor women who answer God’s call to leadership and service.  Though Celebrate the Gifts of Women Sunday is March 4, 2018, your congregation or women’s group may use this on any date that you choose to celebrate women whom God has called to lead with love. Women who lead with love often have two characteristics—1) the gift of hospitality and 2) the gift of building consensus.  These women serve as role models for the rest of us.

The resource includes a worship service with a call to worship, prayer of confession, an assurance of pardon, suggested hymns and scripture readings, a sermon starter and a litany of thanksgiving and loving leaders. 

The Celebrate the Gifts materials are available for download and printed copies.  Order the Resource through Presbyterian Distribution Service, item 27501-18-001, or download from www.pcusa.org/women. Also, available in the November/December issue of Horizons magazine.