1001 NWC Residency at the Open Table KC

The Open Table is a community of inclusion, rooted in a Christian tradition of mysticism and liberation. We believe God breaks all chains, boundaries and categories, and we invite others to share in the freedom and challenges that come with this belief. In a world defined by division, we align ourselves with the marginalized and oppressed. We take our inspiration from Jesus Christ, who birthed a new society in the shell of the old, a society full of outcasts whose faith and actions were wholly integrated. Our theology consists of core values that bring us together and encourage questions and authentic relationships. We are here to learn with and from each other, and to stand with and for each other. We don’t claim to know the whole truth, but we believe we are part of it. Wherever you come from, whatever your perspective, we welcome you.

As the leadership team of The Open Table, we are excited about the possibility of hosting our next Pastoral Resident for 1,001 New Worshiping Communities. With our consensus-based flat leadership, and our community organizer model for running a new worshiping community, we would be an ideal location for anyone looking to gain leadership experience in a creative setting. Any resident who partners with The Open Table can expect a culture of mutuality and respect. We hope to learn from any resident just as much as we hope to share our journey and experiences with them. Residents at The Open Table would provide us much needed support as we continue to adapt and develop more opportunities for community connection and spiritual formation. We hope to learn new insights about our community from residents, and we hope they learn from our story and systems for an expression of church in the 21st century.

Residents will report directly to the Organizer of The Open Table, and will take part in our leadership team meetings. There will be weekly meetings to discuss short, medium, and long-range goals for the community. At these meetings, there will be accountability for tasks assigned to the residents.

Learn more about the Open Table KC and our commitment to embodying the values of community, hospitality, rest, beauty, and justice at theopentablekc.com.


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Contact for More Information:

Nick Pickrell, Pastor/Organizer of the Open Table KC

Sara Hayden, Director of Apprenticeships and Residencies for 1001 NWC