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Out of chaos, HOPE

Creating Meaningful Worship Around World Refugee Day

Now is a good time to start planning a World Refugee Day worship service for Sunday, June 20th. Dedicating part or all of your worship service to honor this day is not only a powerful message to refugees in your midst, but also an opportunity to connect the ways in which our faith is shaped… Read more »

Leaps of Faith and a Commitment to Welcome

Calvary Presbyterian Church (San Francisco, CA) has a long history of community engagement, living a life of faith and action. Because they continually search for ways to broaden their engagement with asylum seekers and refugees within the congregation and the San Francisco area, in January they invited PDA to lead an Adult Education series. In… Read more »

PDA Announces New Refugee & Immigrant Advocacy Grant Opportunities

People from Cameroon, Haiti and the Democratic Republic of Congo held in immigration detention centers because they put their trust in the U.S. as a place of safety only to be denied due process and ordered deported. Asylum seekers from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and dozens of other countries who were turned back at the… Read more »

Preparing Welcome as a Spiritual Practice

Written by Susan Krehbiel, PDA’s Associate for Refugees and Asylum Awaiting the US election results this past week, I was reminded how difficult it is to wait. In fact, a general observation of predominant American culture shows that waiting is difficult for many of us. Our advertising tells us repeatedly that we live in a… Read more »

International Rally to #SaveAsylum: We’re All One Family

This is our second installment in a series about the Kino Border Initiative’s monthly #SaveAsylum events taking place in Nogales, Arizona and Nogales Mexico. Kino Border Initiative—and a growing number of ecumenical and interfaith partners, including Presbyterians in both De Cristo and Grand Canyon Presbyteries—is ministering to those who wait and hope for admission to… Read more »

COVID-19 Response In Palestine

PDA has long-standing partnerships in Palestine. Below is an excerpt from a note from our partner, IDCO. For several years, both PDA and the Presbyterian Hunger Program, another recipient of the One Great Hour of Sharing offering, has worked with IDCO to respond to critical needs, especially in Gaza. The video above demonstrates how your… Read more »

We Pray That Our Unity Will One Day Be Restored

Photo by John Englart   We are one in the Spirit, we are one in the Lord. These lines from the hymn “They will know we are Christians by our Love” are familiar to many who grew up in the U.S. church during a certain era. These phrases came to mind as I was thinking… Read more »

International Rally to #SaveAsylum: Seeing Christ in Asylum Seekers’ Faces

Changes in the United States’ asylum policies over the past three years have created one barrier after another for bona fide refugees to seek legal protection from persecution here. In June, the Department of Homeland Security posted 161 pages of proposed regulations which many advocates and attorneys say drastically changes established rules and effectively guts asylum… Read more »

Refugee resettlement: both life saving and life affirming

The following is the first installment detailing the upcoming Presidential Determination regarding the number of refugees expected to be resettled in the US in FY 2021. If you would like to learn more about the resettlement process or advocate for a more robust U.S. refugee resettlement program suggestions are provided at the end of the… Read more »