Raising Our Voices to Advocate for The Stranger

Wanderers, travelers, Weary and worried,

God grant us strength and Courage to dare.

Risking our safety, Freedom, and status,

Your children need us, Dare us to care.

(From God of the Traveler, hymn text by William McConnell, 2018)

World Refugee Day may have passed but it is not too late for you to honor refugees by lifting your voice for welcome. Last week, participating refugees and faith communities shared inspiring testimony and prayers during an online vigil. Whether you’re a refugee, former refugee, or a member of the receiving community, your voice is important. As people of faith, we are called to be allies for welcome.

Speak up for Refugees! On the Advocate page you will find a ready-made advocacy alert from Church World Service  calling on Congress to rebuild and restore the U.S. Refugee Resettlement program. Please tell your Members of Congress to invest in U.S. capacity to welcome because we need robust funding for refugee and asylee services. We have a long way to go!

Speak up for Asylum Seekers! Refugees who come directly to our shores, like those who are resettled, need our voices and our support. Today is the last day to join faith leaders from across the U.S. in a letter to President Biden expressing “grave concern regarding inhumane barriers to children, families, and individuals seeking asylum in the United States. Specifically, asylum seekers continue to be forcibly expelled from the border and returned to danger under the “Title 42” public health order put in place last year, which uses COVID-19 as an excuse to deny migrants the right to access asylum.”

Make time July—August to organize a team and request a meeting with your members of Congress. And use the new “tips for on-line meetings” to set up an effective meeting.

Are you creating a place of welcome in your own community? Ask your local officials to be a champion for refugees. We need their moral leadership to make sure that our public services, schools, hospitals and medical centers, landlords and employers and ready to welcome newcomers.

Find more resources on the World Refugee Day Advocate Page.

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