Puerto Rico Update: May 2018

A summary of our response in Puerto Rico thus far:

  • Presbyterian Disaster Assistance has disbursed grants totaling over $1.5 million in Puerto Rico
  • 8 emergency grants to all three presbyteries and the synod 
  • church damage grants to help with repairs of churches
  • conducted a PDA leadership solidarity visit in November to churches in the three presbyteries and synod as well as the Seminario Evengelico de Puerto Rico
  • Approved a grant for repairs of the Seminario Evangelico campus
  • Provided grants to the three presbyteries to hire a Presbytery Disaster Coordinator
  • Held a bi-annual PDA Advisory Committee meeting in solidarity with the PCUSA community in Puerto Rico
  • Approved a special grant to the synod to provide assistance to the communities  on the small island of Vieques
  • Conducted two faith-leader trainings and a compassion fatigue training in Puerto Rico for those involved in community outreach
  • Disbursed grants so churches can do the necessary renovations to become volunteer host sites to support the rebuilding efforts
  • Standing with presbyteries on the mainland that are supporting Puerto Rican evacuees
  • Developed a Response Volunteer Opportunity document for mainland churches and groups interested in volunteering in Puerto Rico
  • Provided a grant to Camp El Guacio to help them recover and continue to support the town of San Sebastian
  • Shared resources and training on disaster preparation and response
  • Funded a needs assessment by Seguridad Social de las Iglesias Dominicanas for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean
  • Hired three contract staff (one full time and two part time) to assist with the 2017 hurricane season response

Continuing support:

  • In collaboration with the three presbyteries, PDA will provide a children’s resilience overnight retreat at El Guacio 
  • In coordination with the three presbyteries, PDA will provide a faith-leader and family retreat in Mayaguez
  • In partnership with the Presbyterian Hunger Program, Self Development of People and El Guacio, PDA is providing disaster mitigation training and installing solar panels
  • Partnering with Long Term Recovery Groups through the Puerto Rico VOAD (Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster)
  • Partnering with and connecting mainland churches and mid-councils to response and recovery efforts in Puerto Rico
  • Providing volunteer opportunities for interested groups during the long term recovery

Download the PDF of this report to share in your church or elsewhere!

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