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Communications. Do I really need a plan?

A communications plan is a road map for getting your message across to your audience. It is an essential tool for any organization—even churches. Creating a communications plan can be overwhelming, challenging and frustrating. But a sound plan is key to conveying your church’s message to your congregation and to your local and even national… Read more »

Can your congregation say yes to these statements?

Can your congregation say yes to these statements? Our church has a clear and concise goal in mind for its communications. Our church maximizes the use of its social media platforms. Our church’s website is easy to navigate and tells the congregation’s story If you’re not sure about your congregation’ s responses to any of… Read more »

How effectively does your church use social media?

Social media continues to be one of the most significant ways a congregation can spread a church’s message. Social media can be an effective resource for discussing important issues that are important to the community and your congregation. But are you getting the maximum benefits from your social media efforts? Guiding social media from concept… Read more »

Valuable Resources for Church Websites

  In this edition of the Presbyterian Communicators Network, we identify resources for free high-quality photos, online giving for churches, free apps for photo editing, and easy design programs. We’ll also answer the question “who can help build my site?” by offering the names of some of the less expensive and more popular website builders…. Read more »