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How do I create a livestream?

Using livestreaming to reach your congregation and community   COVID-19 has made it necessary for all of us to up our technical game. While some churches have returned to their buildings, others have not. So, for those churches that, out of an abundance of caution, have not returned to their building and are still looking… Read more »

The benefits of digital media during a worldwide pandemic

  The COVID-19 pandemic has truly impacted our world in ways no one could have imagined. No longer are we able to comfortably gather in spaces and places that we thought would always be there for us. And one of those places is the church. The church is the place where we go for comfort,… Read more »

The new normal for communications

The COVID-19 pandemic has us all communicating in new and different ways.  Church services are being held online, we’re working from home, and digital media has become a bigger part of lives than we ever imagined. In an effort to contain this virus hosting more online meetings has become our new normal. However, hosting online… Read more »

Smile for the Camera

As I travel from presbytery to presbytery conducting communications workshops, there is one question that seems to be asked over and over. Your question concerning the need for permission and consent to post pictures of children and adults at church got me to do some research on the legalities. I am by no means an… Read more »

Getting your e-newsletter read during the holidays

Christmas in July sales are over. The Labor Day holiday has come and gone. And now, believe it or not, it’s time to start planning for the holiday season. That time of year when everyone is super-busy, and businesses and organizations compete for the attention of the members of your congregation with sales, requests for… Read more »

Connecting with members during the summer slump

Newsletters are one of the most effective ways to reach your congregation. While they don’t receive the same attention as the latest viral video that’s shared thousands of times, they’re still an incredibly powerful tool for communicating with your audience. Newsletters are really a convenience for your readers. They are delivered regularly to their inboxes…. Read more »

Tips for making great presentations

Today’s technology provides options for presentations like never before. Whether presenting in person, or through a web cast or a virtual meeting, presentations need to be engaging, creative and most of all informative with a clear call to action. This edition of the Presbyterian Communicators Network newsletter focuses on presentation ideas that will help you… Read more »

Communications Resolutions for the New Year

        New year, new year’s resolutions.   At the beginning of each year most of us make new year’s resolutions.  But how about our churches?  Did your church resolve to better communicate with its members and the community? Let the Presbyterian Mission Agency partner with you to help your congregation make its communications… Read more »

How to know your audience

Are you talking to me? This is often a question we ask when we don’t know if our colleagues are speaking to us. Do you know who you’re speaking to when you produce your e-newsletter, web content and other printed and digital materials? Knowing your audience is extremely important to the success of your materials…. Read more »