Washington Report to Presbyterians, Winter 2018

If you receive our paper mail, you should have received the Washington Report to Presbyterians, Winter 2018 edition, in your mailbox the week before Christmas. It is now available online in PDF and here on our blog. Each article is linked individually below. Articles with timely information that has changed have been updated as of January 4, 2019.

Washington Report to Presbyterians, Winter 2018, content includes:

When the Holy Family seeks asylum Mary and Joseph knew what it was to flee from violence, in fear for the life of their child, traveling miles to seek refuge in a foreign land. So too do millions of migrants and refugees who are seeking safety and refuge in the United States. Jesus is at the border right now. Will we allow fear and hateful rhetoric to keep him out?

The Crisis in Yemen The human-made crisis in Yemen is the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Threats to Democracy in the Democratic Republic of Congo The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is so rich in minerals that it became a place of extreme conflict, with many parties vying for control of the area.

Prospects for the 116th Congress and the Future of Public Discourse” Between the Lame Duck Congressional session in December and expectations for the new 116th Congress, there is much to report and plenty of speculation about what to expect in the New Year.

What got done on Election Day? The midterm elections are now behind us, and there have been some important takeaways from this year’s results.

The OPW welcomes Deb Rookey Deb Rookey is the 2018-2019 Young Adult Volunteer (YAV) for the Office of Public Witness.

Register Now: 2019 Advocacy Training Weekend Join us April 5-8, 2019, for Compassion, Peace & Justice Training Day at New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, in Washington DC, and Ecumenical Advocacy Days.

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