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Yuriko Beltran


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I am Yuriko and I hope that through my blog you can learn a little about me and the work I do.

My name means “lily girl” and although it is not very common in Peru, I like it a lot. My friends nicknamed me “Halley” after the comet, because they say I take too long to respond. I am 22 years old; I study communication sciences and the areas that interest me the most are: photography, graphic design, communication for development and cinema. I love listening to music, taking short walks in nature, looking at the sky, singing, drawing, and painting. I love sweets and I like to enjoy small things, for example, when people are kind and treat everyone with love. Sometimes I dream too much, but I am working to bring about a positive change in my environment and in the world. I belong to the 2022-23 YAV program and I hope to contribute a lot from my space and with my skills. I promise to give my best.