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My name is Nathaniel Williams and I am from Rock Hill, South Carolina. I am taking a gap year in between my sophomore and junior years of college and hope to continue studying economics, Middle Eastern studies, and environmental studies when I return. Growing up in a preaching family, my parents and siblings always instilled a call to service. From the age of 6 I began tagging along with my family on mission trips and volunteering where I could. Through those experiences I learned that practicing faith is practicing love unto thy neighbor. Through loving and living in community with the many neighbors I met along the way, I gained a great respect for storytelling and learning from the communities we find ourselves in. I have a great appreciation for music, art, photography, literature and the many other genres of stories that exist. I am very excited to be placed in Albuquerque and step into a new environment. I am eager to begin a role of active learning and loving service.