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Hello! My name is Molly Herman-Gallow and I call Atlanta, Georgia, my home. I grew up in Decatur, about 20 minutes outside of the city, but I was adopted from China when I was 2 years old by the most wonderful and loving people. Five years later we, as a family, went back to China to adopt my younger sister, Carly. Together, Carly and I have grown up navigating the challenges and successes that come with being Chinese adoptees living in the United States. By the time my YAV year begins, I will have graduated from Elon University with a Bachelor of Arts in cinema and television arts and a minor in religious studies. Besides being an adoptee, another huge identity of mine is that I am a storyteller. I have a passion for connecting with individuals across lines of differences in order to tell the unique stories of many that will hopefully educate, empower and inspire. I am most excited about my YAV year in South Korea because I will not only be able to continue hearing the stories of many, I will also have the chance to grow in my faith and do work that is rooted in the love God has for us all. I look forward to strengthening my own relationship with God during this journey and seeing the ways God works in my life over the next year, through the people I’ll meet, the work I’ll be doing and the life experiences I’ll forge in order to provide me with an experience of a lifetime.