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Lydia Griffiths


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Hello! My name is Lydia Griffiths, but for all intent and proposes only the bank calls me that. Everywhere else I am Dia. I grew up in the mountains of West Virginia, the land of rippling farms and rusty pickup trucks.

I am a storyteller at heart and to me life is but a tapestry of individual stories woven together to create a beautiful narrative of life. I seek stories from people who surround me. One doesn’t have to look far to find them, they are all around. The majority of my stories come from history, the endless tome of adventure, songs and tales. Much of my life thus far has been dedicated to learning about the past stories so to better understand the ones of today. I look forward to stepping into a culture foreign to me, but rich with myth, history and story.

As for the technical aspects of my life, I moved from the mist covered mountains of the Appalachians to the flat lands of Cleveland, where I attended Baldwin Wallace University and studied (Surprise) all things history. Mostly I focused on the Medieval history of England, Scotland and Wales.  I also studied the stories and technique of film, as I have long known I want to tell the stories of humanity in that medium.

After college I started to follow my passion of storytelling into the world of film. Although I have made several shorts on my own, I was swept off my feet with the whirlwind of adventure that goes into the production of television and film. It’s an immediate family, a core of people all working together in sometimes the least of ideal conditions to tell a story they are passionate about. That sense of community drives me to work harder every day.

I suppose the only thing left to know about me is that I love adventure and challenge (and my dog). I look forward to sharing the coming year with you as I embark on the next adventure, serving and giving back to my wonderful universe continuing to learn and be woven into the great story that is life.