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Katie Jenkins


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My name is Katie Jenkins, I am a 22-year-old from the small town of Mason City, IL. I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in religious studies from Monmouth College in May 2018. While at Monmouth I was very active in religious life and served as a Lux Leadership Intern and a Presbyterian Scholar. This upcoming year I look forward to serving as a YAV at the Asheville, North Carolina site. I felt the call for this sight in particular because of the growth opportunities offered. Aside from finding the joys of a public transportation system, the work that is being done through Hands and Feet of Asheville is so inspiring. This organization seems to offer so many people a place to call home and a community to gather with. Although I am very nervous about the big moves ahead, my education at Monmouth has taught me that the world is a vast place of culture and creativity in which we are expected and encouraged to explore. I have been assured that there is not much to fear as every struggle comes with its rewards and each journey begins with a good scare. God has granted me abundantly thus far with enriching and meaningful experiences and I am expecting this year to do the same as I work diligently to locate my vocation and live in the experiences Asheville has to offer.