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Caitlin Vanderwolf

Caitllin Vanderwolf

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Hello all! My name is Caitlin Vanderwolf and I am incredibly excited to serve in the Philippines for the 2017–2018 YAV year. I grew up in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, and attended college at Loyola University New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana. My passion for service through Christ began at my home church, Swarthmore Presbyterian Church, and was fostered by the wonderful youth directors and programs at the church. The Loyola University culture, centered in Jesuit values, further led me to “the magis,” or care for the whole person. I’ve worked for St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church for the past two years as the Youth Ministry intern and am eager to continue developing my youth and young adult advocacy skills in a wholly different context. In my free time, I love to go for runs outside, play with dogs, sing and play guitar, drink lots of black coffee and spend time with my loved ones.