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Winter in Denver. Photo by Molly Sila

Program Partner


Program Description

Denver is a Dwell/YAV site that focuses on community involvement and personal growth. The Dwell unit is supported locally by multiple church partnerships and a local board made up of members from the community and representatives from the supporting congregations. Dwell is committed to providing an opportunity for volunteers to discern and test their call to urban ministry through agency placements, community involvement and congregational interaction. The volunteers will be committed to volunteer at the agency 32 hours per week.

Site Coordinator

Heather Gordon

How do I apply?

Intentional Community Living

Each house sets communal times of prayer and fellowship, and Dwellers participate in weekly formations (lead by the site coordinator) designed to support and strengthen them in their personal discipleship journey. Subjects include Orientation, Gifts and Disciplines/Discipleship, Vocation, Community, Economics/Class/Simplicity, Servant Leadership, Race/Immigration, Our understanding of the Kingdom of God, Church and Urban Ministry, Justice, and Re-entry/Closure In addition, Dwellers meet with mentors who help provide perspective on their social, spiritual and vocational goals. In turn Dwellers mentor children and youth as assigned in a partnership with a local social service partner.

All Dwell participants are expected to participate in the varied retreats, community days, book discussions and other activities as per curriculum and schedule presented at the start of the Dwell year. Participants are also asked to attend and participate in a local congregation of their choice that meets the guidelines suggested by the Dwell handbook.


Young Adult Volunteers (YAV) is a service and leadership development program through the World Mission division of the PC(USA). Young adults serve for one year in the U.S. or internationally, in areas such as fair trade or environmental issues, and have the opportunity to experience Christianity in a new culture. YAVs are between ages 19 and 30. Check out the YAV program blog here. 

Kara, Colombia


Sarah Dixon
Rachel Palmiero
Leah Pellett
Harim Um


Sydney Reid
Libby Tabarlet
Darby Teander


Zachary Evans
Katarina Greenslade
Alicia Poplett
Rebekah Witt

Placement Opportunities

Some of the opportunities include:

  • Work at a drop-in center for women and children.
  • Work with children and youth together with animal care.
  • Resource counseling and work in local emergency food bank.
  • Volunteer coordinator for local parish that runs multiple programs: after school program, food pantry, seniors program and renew program for ex-offenders.
  • Work at a local assistance center that provides meals, clothing closet and food pantry.
  • Construction and home repair for low income families and oversight of volunteer painting groups.


Dwellers live together in intentional community houses.  The residence is often co-ed and have up to 8 housemates. It is located on the west side of Denver and is a welcoming place for neighborhood children to find help on their homework. Dwellers live according to a group-written, living Community Covenant that runs in accordance with Dwell philosophy of ministry. Dwellers decide on and share housing expenses in conjunction with the budget provided.


Age: 20-29

Education: college desirable