Mission Committee toolkit: Connect

  • Mission Committee Support — PC(USA) Staff:
    Mission Engagement Advisors are available to meet with your congregation’s mission committee and help you in the work of assessment and discernment. They are available to meet with your committee in-person or virtually, through tools like Skype and Zoom.

    Equipping for Mission Involvement
    World Mission’s office of Equipping for Mission Involvement is a resource for information on short-term mission trip planning, partnership, mission committee work and Christian Education for mission.

    Ellen Sherby
    Coordinator for Equipping for Mission Involvement
    800-728-7228, ext. 5612

    Ellen may be able to connect you with church mission pastors, mission directors, mission committee chairs or mission professors. Contact her to learn more.

  • Mission Networks
    Mission networks and partnership networks bring together Presbyterians from around the United States who share a common international mission focus. World Mission-related mission and partnership networks facilitate building and maintaining healthy partnerships and provide a place for representatives of various PC(USA) partnerships to share information, learn from each other, coordinate their efforts and find ways to have greater impact together as a network.