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Our work in Armenia


The Jinishian Memorial Foundation (JMF) was established in Armenia in 1993 after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the devastating earthquake of 1988. Since then it has provided economic, social and spiritual assistance to more than 2.2 million needy Armenians and supported more than 150 grassroots and local NGOs through partnerships and collaboration. Today, JMF supports durable solutions to Armenia’s social and economic problems through the following programs:

Community development
Economic development
Civil society
Relief assistance and spiritual uplift
Financial reports

Community Development

JMF has supported community development projects and activities since its establishment, having applied different approaches to community development and supported communities and community based organizations through grants and direct initiatives.

In 2005, JMF developed a unique Community Mobilization Initiative (CMI) model designed to empower Armenian communities to find solutions to socioeconomic problems within their communities through the mobilization of internal and external human and financial resources. The CMI model continues to outline JMF’s strategies and mechanisms for Community Based Development Programs.

Meanwhile, JMF will keep up to date with international and national best practices on community development and continue to collaborate with international and local organizations acting in the Community Development sector.

Economic Development

JMF’s Economic Development Department emphasizes activities and projects that expand the economic opportunities for the underprivileged by providing sustainable financial services.

Civil Society

JMF prioritizes projects and activities that encourage and facilitate youth participation in the development of a strong and healthy civil society and broaden their perspective and understanding about the role of civil society as a vital part of long-term socioeconomic improvement in Armenia.


JMF’s Education Department prioritizes activities and projects that help build human capacity in Armenia to address the needs of school age children of vulnerable families, street children, disabled children, orphans, institutionalized children and their teachers.


JMF’s activities in the health sector center on disease prevention through education and skills development of health professionals, public health campaigns, advocacy and networking.

JMF’s Health Department prioritizes activities and projects that focus on children and adolescents’ health, women’s health and community health development.

JMF does not support individual healthcare services or medical treatment unless it is part of a wider more sustainable health initiative.

Relief Assistance and Spiritual Uplift

JMF has supported relief projects and activities since its establishment and prioritizes four key areas: nutrition, health and hygiene, housing and infrastructure, and cultural and spiritual activities.

Since 2004, JMF as delivered relief assistance through its social protection projects and emergency response projects.

Financial Reports

2016 JMF Financial Audit
2015 JMF Financial Audit