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Grants For Small Churches in Texas

What is a small church?

A congregation that has an average weekly attendance of 100 or fewer people is a small church.

The New Braunfels Presbyterian Church session, responding to the many needs of small churches, created and funded an outreach program. Qualifying churches in Texas can apply. The grants will be awarded to small churches for a variety of requests, including educational or youth programs, outreach projects, facilities, music and pastor study grants or other needs.

Apply for a small church grant

Please submit letter of application to the Mission/Outreach committee of New Braunfels Presbyterian Church for review. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis from January to December. The average grant awarded is up to $500.

To apply for a grant, the committee requires the following information:

  1. The purpose of this grant and how you will use it to further the ministry of your church in the community.
  2. Basic information about your church, to include size of membership, pastoral leadership and Sunday school attendance.
  3. The amount requested.
  4. The date by which funding is needed.
  5. Name of Church treasurer and contact person responsible for distributing the funds. Include e-mail address and phone number of these individuals.
  6. Please give us feedback on the project (letter, photos, etc), so we may celebrate your success.

For further information contact Pastor Ken Peters or Pastor Lynda Dinsdale at (830) 625-5141.

Mail your grant letter of application to:

Mission/Outreach Committee, Chair
New Braunfels Presbyterian Church
373 Howard Street
New Braunfels, TX 78130