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Director’s Message


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The fullness of life in a troubled world

Our world is in trouble: Fires are raging in the West; Hurricane Ida stormed through the East, leaving in her wake a path of devastation; there is a humanitarian crisis in Haiti and Afghanistan; and the COVID-19 virus continues to haunt humanity. Living and serving in this broken world is often overwhelming and exhausting.

However, I continue to believe that Jesus is the hope for this world. By the power of the Holy Spirit, the church is being transformed daily into the body of Christ. We are dying to the old way of life and being raised up to new life in Christ. Our hearts are being transformed in ways that enable our hearts to break over the people and circumstances that break God’s heart.

We respond to people in need with healing and hope. We walk with the victims of natural disasters and help them put their lives back together. We welcome refugees and give them a sense of being home. We wear masks and receive our vaccines so that the people we encounter will experience safety and healing. In other words, we love our neighbor as we love ourselves. As we love God and our neighbor, we encounter the very fullness of life in the very midst of a troubled world.

I am grateful to be part of a church that follows Jesus into the deep need of people around the world. We are making a difference. The healing love of God is touching people in the midst of all that troubles this world.


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Ray G Jones III
Theology, Formation & Evangelism