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Director’s Message

At a deeper level, I recently had an epiphany moment about why we worship.

This realization came during the closing plenary at the recent Just Worship conference at Columbia Theological Seminary. Dr. Kimberly Long, our Call to Worship editor, was speaking about the notion of God restoring creation through the river of the water of life — near the end of Revelation.

Then she connected this image at the end of Scripture with the beginning our new lives, when we entered the waters of baptism. It helped me see in new ways that we are called to be partners with God in this restoration, which comes through justice.

So, when we worship, it is not just to be spiritually fed, but to experience renewal, so that we can again enter the world to engage God’s mission of reconciling what’s broken inside us and around us. I was inspired and challenged by these conversations at the conference, which explored the crossroads of theology, worship and justice.

May our worship truly be our justice and hope, as we live into the new creation symbolized by the river of the water of life flowing from the throne of God.


Ray Jones