Director’s Message

Ray Jones portraitCommunity is difficult, but it is essential to experiencing the fullness of life and our life together. In Philippians 4:1–3, Paul is encouraging members of the church to work out their differences because of the cause of the gospel. We need one another to go deeper in our trust of God, to engage the hope we have in Christ — and to freely share that hope. We need one another to go up against the powers that hold people in the bonds of injustice and poverty. We need one another to break down the barriers that cause racism. We need the power of the Holy Spirit, which dwells in Christ’s body.

I have always enjoyed the 1001 NWC coaches’ gatherings. I have journeyed with many of these people over the years in being part of what God is doing to start new communities of faith and reach new people. I was touched by the words of a church leader in one of our new worshiping communities when we quoted a Kenyan proverb: “I am because we are.” There is nothing that describes the faith community better than these words. To grow as followers of Jesus, we must spend more time together. In our life together we become, by the power of the Holy Spirit, people who do justice, offer hope and enable people to taste God’s completed creation, which is to come. Thanks so much for sharing this journey with me.


Ray Jones
Acting Director
Theology, Formation & Evangelism