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Program Measures


While each project and community with whom SDOP partners is unique and varied, we have developed a set of program measures to cohesively tell the story and impact of our combined work. SDOP partners are asked to consider and report how their work contributes to these measures, both quantitatively and qualitatively.  Projects are not expected to demonstrate progress in all of the measure areas or even in each of the examples provided. Instead, each project will report what resonates with the results of their work.

  • Develop diverse leadership/membership/engagement includes counts of participants involved in leadership activities, their diversity and the degree of engagement.
  • Realize social justice achievements includes justice measures that build power for the economically poor and oppressed. This can be measured, for example, in changes in policy, transformation of unjust practices, increased independence and increased representation.
  • Strengthen relationships, communication and collaboration includes counts of outreach activities into the community and the partnerships formed or strengthened.
  • Expand education and skills development includes counts for the number and types of trainings and technical assistance.
  • Increase economic development opportunities includes the reporting of activities related to strengthening economic opportunities for group members.
  • Enhance quality of life includes measures of change and improvement across a broad spectrum of issues including health, housing, food security, transportation, safety, etc.