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The mission of Korean Intercultural Congregational Support is to inspire, equip, and connect Korean congregations in the PC(USA). Today there are 350 Korean congregations with nearly 50,000 active members. Korean congregations are located in 15 synods and 120 presbyteries throughout the country while there is a strong presence in both coasts. Korean Intercultural Ministries covers three main objectives to fulfill its mission. They are leadership development, congregational support, and English Ministry.

The Leadership development is a major focus of the Korean Intercultural Congregational Support Office. The office sponsors and supports conferences and gatherings for the various groups of the Korean leaders in the denomination to provide up-to-date resources and in-depth trainings based on the PCUSA Constitution and Reformed Faith tradition along with fellowship and network among the Korean pastors and elders.

The second focus of Korean Intercultural Congregational ministries is to support congregations for healthy growth and to develop New Worshiping Communities. The Office supports PMA’s 1001 New Worshiping Communities mission strategy.  Over the years, more than 40 Korean New Worshiping Communities have been started and 12 Korean NWC coaches have been trained. The overall strategy of the Korean office in regard to the congregational support is to challenge presbyteries and the Korean leaders to start NWCs at diverse yet unique situations while the office supports and nurtures the existing Korean congregations.

The third focus is English Ministry. The English Ministry (EM) in the context of Korean speaking 1st generation congregations is crucial and challenging task to continue and inherit Korean American identity and faith without losing roots and flying beyond Koreanness. Korean Intercultural Congregational Support office works in collaboration with English Ministry leaders for transformational leadership training and mentoring programs. The overall mission strategy of the English Ministry in the context of Korean American congregations is to empower the second generation Korean American Presbyterians.

Korean churches face two emerging challenges: First is the congregational aging with some of the 1st generation congregations. And second is the decrease of the immigration directly from Korea, but the increase of the permanent Korean American residents. Our short-term solutions are leadership recruitment and development, congregational renewal, mission coordination and outreach promotion. The long-term goals consist of two areas: First, helping Korean churches to be connected with the rich legacy of the Presbyterian Church (USA) mission endeavor in Korea from the previous century. Second is to develop a national strategic plan to ensure the continuation of the vitality of Korean congregations, particularly in the context of Post COVID-19 era.

Korean Intercultural Congregational Office sponsors annual conference of the National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Churches (NCKPC). This gathering functions as the main engine of Korean congregations by addressing the most pressing issues of the Korean congregations and developing a national strategy.

Korean Intercultural Congregational Office also coordinates three Non-geographic Korean language presbyteries – Eastern Korean American Presbytery (NYC/New Jersey area), Midwest Korean American Presbytery (Chicago area), and Atlantic Korean American Presbytery (DC and Atlanta areas) – by the Coordinating Committee for Korean American Presbyteries (CCKAP). By gathering leaders from three Korean American presbyteries, it creates a powerful network for the Korean congregations to actively participate in the life and mission of the PCUSA.

A directory of Korean Presbyterian Churches is available.

Or if you need a Korean Intercultural Ministries directory, please contact Moongil Cho or Hyojin Kang.

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National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Church Annual Gathering Highlights Unity, Faith, and Community Care

The National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Church (NCKPC) recently concluded its Annual Gathering, a significant event that brought together Korean Presbyterian Church leaders, pastors, and congregants from across the nation. The gathering, held from May 23-26, 2023, in Seattle, WA, showcased powerful insights and discussions on unity, faith, and community care.

Rev. Shanea Leonard, PMA REWIM Director, expressed heartfelt appreciation for the NCKPC, stating, “You are the heart of our denomination.” Leonard emphasized the vital role that the represented churches play in the overall health of the Presbyterian Church (USA) and highlighted trends that indicate the future of the denomination depends on the continued flourishing of immigrant churches and communities of color.

Plenary speaker Rev. Kyungjin Kim, pastor of the 25,000-member Somang Church in Korea, shared a personal struggle that resonated with the audience. He spoke about how in the face of injustice and hardship, there may be moments of doubt in the faithfulness of God. However, he encouraged attendees to trust that over time, God will bend all things for God’s glory and the ultimate good of God’s people.

Another impactful plenary speaker, Rev. Sanghoon Lee of Seed Church in Placentia, California, challenged conventional metrics of success. He advocated for measuring the level of care within the community as a more meaningful indicator rather than simply focusing on offerings or attendance. Rev. Lee urged those most committed to express their energy in loving God and neighbors, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing genuine relationships over institutional maintenance.

The Annual Gathering provided a platform for participants to engage in enlightening workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities. Attendees explored the themes of unity, faith, and community care, discovering new perspectives and strategies to apply within their local congregations.

Rev. James Kwon, the new moderator of the NCKPC, expressed gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of the event. He stated, “We are inspired by the meaningful discussions and shared commitment to strengthening our communities. The Annual Gathering served as a powerful catalyst for us to further our mission of spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ.”

For media inquiries, interviews, or additional information about the National Caucus of Korean Presbyterian Church Annual Gathering, please contact:

Rev. Sung Yeom Joo 

General Secretary of NCKPC




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