Director’s Message


August has been an eventful month. Both historically and in the present day we have seen much jubilation and equally much despair. This month has seen unprecedented devastation happen to the people of Maui, Hawaii. The pain of loss, grief, and death have swept through that state as many lives have been lost and so many still unaccounted for. We have witnessed the continued effects of gun violence both in the form of mass shootings and as voices of protest have been silenced in the public square. And while the war in the Ukraine rages on, several places predominantly home of people of color are on the verge of the very same fate.  All while migrants in this country are fighting for their survival and ability to make a new life for themselves. It is a reminder that many of the words of the Bible continue to ring true in our modern day.

And so, what is the role of the faithful in moments like these. What is the church called to do when there is so much suffering all around us. What can we as individual churches and Christians lift up as our act of faith when th world is hurting. Well, I believe there are several avenues of response.

First, we can donate to Presbyterian Disaster Assistance as they do ministry around the world when devastation like hurricane in the west and the floods in Hawaii. We can be apart of the work of Presbyterian Peacemaking as they work to eliminate the tragedies of gun violence. And we can also raise the issues and concerns of the voiceless in public forms, school board hearings, and with our elected officials.

One thing that RE&WIM has been doing is connecting with local leaders in regional locations to do what we can to equip them for ministry, connect them to resources, and provide a form for communal capacity building. We value the stories of our constituency and realize many of the folks we work with represent those most disenfranchised by the pain that is in the world.

Finally, we must all never stop praying and petitioning God on behalf of those who are most vulnerable in our world. The needs are great, but the power of our God is even greater. Wat can we do, we can pray with our actions, worship with our movement, and praise God in how we help to heal the world. This is the present-day call of the church in a desperately wounded world.



The Rev. Shanea D. Leonard
Director, Racial Equity & Women’s Intercultural Ministries