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2021 International Peacemaker Virtual Symposium

Once again this year we are offering a number of pre-recorded interviews with past International Peacemakers. This year we catch up with 6 peacemakers who were with us between 2014-2019. These interviews are a chance to reconnect with these peacemakers, learn about and from their work, be updated on the pressing issues in their countries, and hear their perspective on life, ministry and events around the globe. The Symposium will be available during the Season of Peace and will remain on our website. You are invited to view and make use of one or all of the Symposium segments.

Peacebuilding in South Sudan: A Conversation with Lucy Awate of RECONCILE

Lucy works with our PCUSA partner, RECONCILE, as a psychosocial peacebuilding expert. She has over 16 years of experience providing technical guidance for trainings and workshops. In this interview Lucy updates us on the work of RECONCILE and the challenges that the Covid-19 pandemic have presented to her peacebuilding work.

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Hope and Hurting in Syria: An Update from Salam Hanna

Salam serves as pastor of the Presbyterian Church of Latakia with the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon (NESSL) and as the Director of the NESSL’s Relief & Rehabilitation Program. In this interview he describes the changes in Syria over the past few years and the work of the NESSL’s relief and rehabilitation program.

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A Report from Haiti:  A Conversation with Fabienne Jean and Cindy Corell

Fabienne serves as coordinator of FONDAMA, the Hands Together Foundation of Haiti network, part of Joining Hands, an initiative of the Presbyterian Hunger Program.  In this interview she updates us on the work of FONDAMA to find lasting solutions to the problems that impoverish the population of Haiti.

She describes both the priorities and challenges the organization has faced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Working for the Wellbeing of Madagascar: An Update from Lala Rasendrahasina

Lala served as President/Moderator of the FJKM (Church of Jesus Christ in Madagascar) from 2004-2016.  During ongoing political, economic and environmental instability, he and the FJKM boldly spoke truth to power and fought for peace with justice.  In this interview we discuss the challenges of healthcare, poverty, homelessness and violence in Madagascar, a country rich in resources but impoverished by its leaders.

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“A Better World is Possible”: A Conversation about Colombia with Luis Fernando Sanmiguel Cardona

Luis Fernando is a pastor in Bogotá and executive director of the Communities of Faith – Teusaquillo Territory of Peace, an ecumenical and Interfaith consortium working for an integrated and lasting peace.  In this interview Luis Fernando discusses how faith communities are working in solidarity with broader social movements to bring about change. Interpretation by Sarah Henken (Mission Co-worker, Colombia).

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The Situation in Cuba:  An Update from Edelberto Valdés Fleites

Edelberto is a pastor in the Presbyterian-Reformed Church in Cuba and serves, among other things, as Moderator of Central Presbytery and Synod General Secretary.  In this interview he describes the economic and energy challenges facing Cuba, the history of his nation, the impact of U.S. Cuba policy on Cubans and his hopes for the work of the Presbyterian Church in Cuba.  Interpretation by  Tracey King-Ortega (Regional Liaison, Central America).

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