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Both Hostility and Aid

A letter from Al and Ellen Smith serving in Germany/Russia|March 17, 2016

Sunday School!

A letter from Kay Day serving in Rwanda|March 2016

Final Months

A letter from Nancy McGaughey serving in South Sudan

March 2016 – FINAL MONTHS

When I returned to South Sudan in early January, I thought March/April was so far away.  There would be lots of time to do the things I wanted to before returning to the U.S.A.  Now that time is almost here, and there is still much left on my list! I did manage to get a trip in to Duk County, and to see more than just Poktop.  This is the first time I have been there on a Sunday and with help from the John Dau Foundation staff, I was able to find and join a worship service with Presbyterians there.  During the service I was able to present a banner made by members of New Hope Presbyterian Church in Springfield, Ill.  Later in the afternoon, I had the opportunity to sit with Pastor Paul and hear their story.  During the early days of the fighting in 2013/2014 they fled their village of Pajut and sought refuge in Poktop.  They arrived here to find the village deserted and homes burned down, but the church building was still standing.  They took the building as their own and have been worshiping here ever since.  Pastor Paul said, “When the crisis started, it was called one tribe against the other.  But it wasn’t the whole tribe that was fighting another tribe.  It was a fight between political leaders who happened to be of different tribes.  We wanted to live together in peace.   God calls us to practice forgiveness and live together in peace.  When we heard of our brothers and sisters suffering in neighboring counties, we invited them to join us.  Our church family now has members from both tribes.  We use both languages in our service so all can feel included.”    What an inspiring and humbling story. 

Faith vs. Fear

A letter from the Adams Maldonado family serving in Mexico|March 2016

“Thumbs-up” for CHE

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Hope in the Midst of Pain

A letter from Jodi McGill in the U.S. on Interpretation Assignment from Malawi|March 2016