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Spring and New Life

A letter from Ryan and Alethia White serving in Germany}March 2015

Ministries in Eastern Europe

A letter from Burkhard Paetzold serving in Germany

April 2015 – Ministries in Eastern Europe

Dear friends, Christ is risen! He is risen indeed! Let us celebrate Easter. Let us celebrate Christ’s victory, the victory of life over death and our hope that injustice, violence and the destruction of God’s creation will not have the final say. As a regional liaison for Central and Eastern Europe I hear questions like the following from time to time: “Why would we, PC(USA) World Mission, need to be present in this part of the world?  Europe is very advanced in many aspects; they don’t need our help.”  I believe our missiology is different—it is mutual. So I see myself as a bridge-builder. To facilitate sharing our mutual insights as Christians in different parts of the world helps to support the least of these to combat racism, injustice and violence and to share the good news that “Christ has risen for all of us.” The situation is diverse, so let me try to illustrate, where and why I see our mission worker’s and my own accompaniment and solidarity with our partners in Europe. I cannot do this without your support, so first and foremost let me thank you very much for all your support for my ministry as a regional liaison for Central and Eastern Europe and the Roma people. Your continuing encouragement and financial support means a lot to me.

Shared Memories

A letter from Ellen Smith serving in Germany/Russia|March 2015