The Jump Forward

A Letter from Lynn and Sharon Kandel, regional liaisons for the Horn of Africa, based in South Sudan | March 2020

Signs of Hope

A Letter from Jed and Jenny Koball, serving in Peru | November 2018

Trees that Transform

A letter from Shelvis and Nancy Smith-Mather, serving in South Sudan October 2018 Write to Shelvis Smith-Mather Write to Nancy Smith-Mather Individuals: Give online to E200316 for Shelvis and Nancy’s sending and support Individuals: Give online… Read more »

Jubilee Celebration!

A Letter from Dan and Elizabeth Turk, serving in Madagascar | September 2018

Our Vibrant Church

A Letter from Gordon and Dorothy Gartrell, serving in Brazil July2018 Write to Gordon Gartrell Write to Dorothy Gartrell   Individuals: Give online to E200489 for Gordon and Dorothy Gartrells’ sending and support… Read more »