Nadia Ayoub


Mission co-worker in the Ukraine since 2010—previously in Central Asia
Serving at the invitation of the Hungarian Reformed Church in Carpath-Ukraine

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Nadia will next be in the USA, based in Fanwood NJ, in 2017.  Email her to extend an invitation to visit your congregation or organization.

About Nadia Ayoub’s ministry

In November 2010 Nadia Ayoub began a new appointment serving in the Ukraine in early childhood education. She has been under appointment of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) since 1997, serving in Central Asia first as a long-term volunteer in women’s ministry and then as a mission co-worker with various responsibilities in social services.

Country context

The Christian community in Ukraine is more diverse than in any other nation of the former Soviet Union. The country is home to Orthodox, Catholic, Reformed, Lutheran and Baptist traditions and also newer Christian groups.  The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is engaged in a close mission partnership with the Reformed Church in Carpath–Ukraine and relates to other Reformed denominations as well as to the German Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Union of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of the Ukraine.  The Reformed Church of Carpath-Ukraine is a largely ethnic Hungarian community in the Transcarpathian region of western Ukraine. This denomination has over 100 congregations in both village and city settings. A primary thrust of mission work in Carpath-Ukraine is sharing the gospel with Roma people and addressing the discrimination, poverty, and social separation experienced by the Roma.

About Nadia Ayoub

Born into a Christian family in Egypt, Nadia and her family immigrated to the United States in 1985. “By age 10,” she says, “I was aware of the loving friendship I have with the Lord Jesus Christ and I trust him as my Savior.”

Before she left Egypt Nadia had earned her Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture from Ain Shams University in Cairo and also her Bachelor of Science degree in Christian theology from the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo.

In the Ukraine Nadia is developing and assisting the Reformed Church in Carpath-Ukraine to implement church-related early childhood education programs for Roma children in marginalized Roma communities. This pre-evangelism outreach will steadily improve the self-esteem and status of Roma children and their parents in the eyes of other Roma and of those in the larger Ukrainian society. In addition, she is working with international and national full-time volunteers to develop a comprehensive early childhood development program that can be used by other communities in Central and Eastern Europe.

Nadia was ordained as a minister of Word and Sacrament on October 24, 2010. She is a minister member of the Presbytery of Elizabeth. Her home church is Central Presbyterian Church in Summit, New Jersey.

Birthday: December 23