Religious minorities in Pakistan, including Christians, are sometimes subject to violence and unequal treatment. Some violence against Christian aims at targeting American interests and symbols of Western cultures, which has undoubtedly influenced the church in Pakistan in many ways.

The PC(USA) works in Pakistan in close cooperation with its church partners, engaging in development, educational, health and evangelistic ministries. One example is the Thal Project, which provides agricultural services to Christian and Muslim villages in the Thal Desert of north-central Pakistan. This project, established in the 1950s, works with residents to address problems not only in agriculture but also education, health, infrastructure and community participation and organization. Another example of Presbyterian work in Pakistan is Forman Christian College, which was founded in 1864 by a Presbyterian mission worker. The college has educated many of Pakistan’s leaders, including some influential leaders such as President Pervez Musharraf and a few other members of the cabinet. The college was nationalized in 1972 but returned in 2003 to the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) after 31 years of government control.

About Gary and Marlene’s ministry

The Van Brocklins are based in Sri Lanka and also work in other countries in South Asia. They serve as regional liaisons for Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) support of partner programs, relationships and activities and as implementers of the Presbyterian World Mission strategy. They also guide and support PC(USA) mission personnel in the region in communications, information sharing, mentoring, encouraging, and missiological reflection. In addition, Gary and Marlene facilitate and seek to strengthen healthy, effective and missiologically appropriate relationships among entities of the PC(USA) and those of partner denominations or organizations in the region.

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