Equatorial Guinea


Presbyterian World Mission first sent mission workers to the island of Corisco, Equatorial Guinea in 1850 and the Reformed Presbyterian Church of Equatorial Guinea (IRPGE) has grown from that effort. Unfortunately, Presbyterians experienced severe restrictions imposed by the Spanish colonial government and later by the first president of independent Equatorial Guinea.  Our support of the IRPGE focuses on their strong work in education, efforts by the women’s association to provide health care in rural communities, church leadership development and the training of lay pastors for rural new church development.

As Regional Liaison for Central Africa, Jeff Boyd facilitates support for the relationships, programs and activities of our partner in Equatorial Guinea. He is available to accompany congregation and presbytery partnerships. Jeff lives in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, but travels regularly to Equatorial Guinea. See the profile page for Jeff and Christi Boyd for more information.

With 25 ordained pastors and roughly the same number of congregations, the Reformed Presbyterian Church makes its presence felt through quality education at Resurrection School. The church is also preparing to train catechists or lay pastors to better reach out to rural communities. The church is also working to build unity across inter-ethnic divides that are prevalent in society.

Jeff Boyd, regional liaison, Central Africa, jeff.boyd@pcusa.org

The Reformed Presbyterian Church of Equatorial Guinea strongly desires partnership with churches or presbyteries. Consider developing a relationship of prayer and mutual learning and dialog between your congregation or presbytery and one in Equatorial Guinea. For help in identifying a partner, or with questions about a relationship based on mutuality, please contact regional liaison Jeff Boyd at jeff.boyd@pcusa.org.