Match my gift to fight hunger.

Make your year-end gift by December 31 to double your impact.

Inflation and the rising cost of living have been challenging for all of us over the past couple of years. We’ve all felt the pinch on our pocketbooks.

But for people who already were struggling to get by, that pinch is more like a punch! Every time they try to get caught up, they’re knocked back down by the increasingly high costs of groceries, housing, gas and other essentials.

Take Fran’s situation, for example. Fran lives with her grandson in Volusia County, Florida. Her grandson works full time as a landscaper but doesn’t earn enough to live on his own. Fran is on a fixed income of $1,257 a month. The average rent of a two-bedroom apartment in her community is $1,488. And monthly rents on average have increased by $300 to $500 since last year.

The math simply doesn’t add up. As a result, food is becoming a luxury item instead of a human right.

The same is true for millions of other Americans. We’re hearing from Presbyterians across the country sharing stories of rising food and housing insecurity in their communities. Congregations are seeing more demand on food pantries and backpack programs that provide children with food for the weekends when free school meals are unavailable. Even food pantries are struggling to make ends meet.

Your faithful support is urgently needed to help fight hunger on every level. You can now make twice the impact to help the Presbyterian Hunger Program alleviate hunger and eliminate its causes. A group of faithful Presbyterians will match your gift up to $20,000 between now and December 31.

Please don’t miss this opportunity to help alleviate hunger with twice the power.