Take Action for Fair Food

Wendy’s Campaign

Wendy’s is one of the largest buyers of tomatoes in the restaurant industry, an industry that for decades purchased cheap tomatoes whose harvest relied on the exploitation of workers. Given its market power, Wendy’s has not only an opportunity, but an obligation to work with the tomato industry to be part of the solution to Florida’s longstanding history of farmworker abuse and poverty – the Fair Food Program.

  • Drop off a letter to the manager of a nearby Wendy’s
  • Request Wendy’s Boycott Action Cards by emailing the Presbyterian Hunger Program at php@pcusa.org. Put “Please send me Wendy’s Action Cards” in the subject line and indicate the number you need and where to send them.

Publix Campaign

Florida-based Publix — one of the largest supermarket corporations in the country, whose purchasing power could strengthen the historic changes underway in Florida’s fields — has instead refused to join the Fair Food Program for more than five years. Let’s keep the pressure on.

  • Tweet to let @Publix know the #FairFoodNation wants them to join @FairFoodProgram.
  • Download a letter and deliver it to your local Publix manager
  • Order and send a postcard to the CEO of Publix. E-mail the Presbyterian Hunger Program at php@pcusa.org and put “please send me Publix postcards” in the subject line.

Kroger Campaign

Kroger – the second biggest supermarket chain after Walmart, has refused to join the Fair Food Program, saying they will address the issue with their own program. If this Cincinnati-based company was serious about eliminating abuses in its supply chain, it would join the Fair Food Program, an established, proven solution to decades of abuses in the fields.