Developing Leaders and Building Capacities


Presbyterian Hunger Program believes in providing poor people and communities with the technical training and skills that are needed to take charge of their own development. We also prioritize building the capacity of individuals and organizations to identify root causes of hunger, poverty and injustice in their communities and organize for change.

Leadership development and capacity building are keys to empowering local communities so that they can solve their own problems, achieve their objectives and meet today’s challenges in order to prepare for a better future.   People’s power is unleashed through increased awareness and  strengthened leadership skills.  Communities are equipped to take initiative, develop a vision, influence people, solve problems and take responsibility.

Many poor and marginalized communities that we serve know the solutions to get out of poverty, but often lack the practical tools, resources, and opportunities for inclusion in decision-making processes.  Capacity building connects communities to their own assets, knowledge and resources and provides skills that help them to understand the context in their countries and communities better, and how to affect change.