Food Stamp Challenge

What is the SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge?


The SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge is a discipline designed to draw attention to the realities of poverty and hunger in the U.S. and to open new opportunities for education, understanding, compassion and solidarity. The Challenge means choosing for one week to live on the average amount of food stamp support in your state. This means spending only the average allowance, per person, on everything that you eat, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and drinks.

This Challenge is not only a call to hunger and poverty awareness, but also a call to action. We are called by God to be in the world and to seek to make it a better place. Changing hearts and minds are the starting point of building a movement and supporting policies that provide a much needed safety net for the most vulnerable members of our society.

In November 2013, the PC(USA)’s denominational leaders, Stated Clerk Gradye Parsons, then-Moderator Neal Presa and then-Presbyterian Mission Board Executive Director Linda Valentine, along with 395 other people, participated in the SNAP/Food Stamp Challenge. You may have been unable to participate then, but it’s not too late. We invite the rest of the church to engage in this Challenge as well, either by taking the actual Challenge or through child and adult education (including screenings of “A Place at the Table”), outreach in communities, and prayer.

Start your own Challenge today! Each title below links to a resource that can help you get started.

A. Talking Points
B. Frequently Asked Questions
C. Daily Devotions
D. Key Facts
E. Read The Will to Resolve the Challenge of Hunger by the Rev. J. Herbert Nelson