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The 1001 New Worshiping Community Residency – Common Ground

2021-2022 – An Invitation

Common Ground is seeking applicants interested in a one-year pastoral resident through 1001 New Worshiping Community’s residency program. Common Ground is a young church plant emerging in the heart of Manhattan, partnered with the PCUSA and supported by the Presbytery of New York City. Since our start in the summer of 2019, we’ve sought to foster a safe, generative & whimsical space for spiritual sojourners. We don’t pretend to know the way, but we do commit to walking the road together. We need each other.

Applications, including letters of reference, are due by March 15, 2021.

Our community prioritizes authenticity, hospitality and generosity and we try to live these priorities out through the practices of community, collaboration and care. The result of these commitments is a racially and economically diverse, queer celebrating and anti-racist community. As you can imagine, Common Ground is filled with intersections, and a good applicant for this residency will be energized by such a space and excited to be part of the journey.

Before the pandemic, Common Ground would meet weekly for community worship and throughout the week for small groups, service projects and social events. In the midst of the pandemic, we’ve shifted our community life to Zoom, but our DNA has not changed. We’re just as deliberate and gentle about the conversations we curate, despite not being able to have them in person. We’re just as supportive of the collective journey we’re all on and we’re just as committed to our locales. Needless to say, the pandemic has shown us just how important adaptivity is at Common Ground – and we encourage an applicant with experience in adaptive spaces.

Common Ground was launched by our organizing pastor – Chris Romine – but the community is currently led by a leadership team that reflects the commitments of the larger community. As the leadership team, we’re excited to include the resident in our weekly meetings and all the planning it takes to keep the community running. Thus, we hope the resident is a self-starter. We also hope the resident is comfortable with collaborative planning and imagining up new ways forward. Our leadership meetings are creative, collaborative and mutual. We avoid binary thinking, believing that several perspectives can be true at the same time. So as a team, we commit to learn from and respect the resident as much as we hope the resident can learn from and respect Common Ground.

If you’re someone with an active imagination, a willingness to grind through the complexities of urban ministry, and a willingness to take risks – we encourage you to apply!

Financial Support: The total package available for support of this residency is $48,000 for the year, with an additional $1500 in medical reimbursements. to include salary and health insurance support.

Selected applicants will take part in the National 1001 New Worshiping Communities Residency and Apprenticeship Gathering (though the hope is for an Oct/Nov 2021 gathering, location/dates are currently TBD; regardless, all associated costs for the gathering are covered).

Applications, including letters of reference, are due by MARCH 15, 2021.

Apply now

Site contact information

Chris Romine, Organizing Pastor
(908) 279-3520

Application checklist

1. Cover letter including:
       a. What attracts you to this residency?
       b. What do you hope to gain out of this experience?
2. Completed application
3. Two Letters of Recommendation

Application checklist

Deadline is March 15, 2021 (or when the position has been filled) 


Contact Chris Romine, at or Sara Hayden at

Email your completed application and cover letter to the following persons:
Chris Romine at
Sara Hayden at