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Summer Apprentices

Darin McKenna

Darin McKenna is a pastor, church planter, and enneagram coach living in Pasadena, CA. Previously he in Atlanta, GA, where he grew up and pastored for 5 years before moving to California. He received his Master’s in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary and currently works at New Abbey Church, where he is in process of planting a church in North Hollywood. Darin is passionate about queer inclusion in the church and creating spaces for people to find healing and wholeness in community as they wrestle with faith and the realities of life.

Hannah Lalone

Hannah LaLone is currently finishing a bachelor’s degree in Global Studies at Azusa Pacific University. Alongside her education in community development and social justice advocacy, Hannah has also completed a minor in Biblical Studies. Although she is currently residing in Los Angeles, her home is back in Colorado where the Rocky Mountains are. When she isn’t studying, you can find her spending time outdoors going on a great hike or enjoying some yoga in the sun. The 1001 New Worshipping Community Apprenticeship is a wonderful opportunity for Hannah to learn how to create ministries that align with the Kingdom of God and her passions for social justice and inclusion. As a Spring 2019 University graduate, this program is the perfect transition out of higher education and into the career world!

Jason Min

Jason Min is the Worship Director at Sovereign Grace Church in Los Angeles, where he has been serving since 2013. A native of Cerritos, CA, Jason earned his B.A. in Communications and History at the University of Pennsylvania, his Master of Education at Harvard University, and is currently working towards a M.A. in Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary. Through the 1001 Apprenticeship, Jason hopes to draw from his experiences as a musician, educator, and entrepreneur to cultivate a vision for a new missional community in Los Angeles that blurs the sacred/secular divide and allows diverse people groups to experience the gospel together and serve the needs of the city. Jason is happily married to Carol and has two children, Avery and Jack.

Ruth Schmidt
Ruth Schmidt earned her BA in Journalism from the University of Missouri-Kansas City and spent 10 years as a copywriter in advertising agencies while doing bi-vocational ministry church planting in KC. Through her work and ministry, she has come to believe that storytelling is the primary vehicle for connecting with people. Ruth is a Co-Director of Reel Spirituality at Fuller Theological Seminary and is working on her MDiv in Culture and the Arts. She is currently taking steps to be ordained in the PCUSA by becoming an Inquirer. Connect with her on Twitter @ruthschmidt.

Raafat Girgis

Raafat Girgis has been a teaching elder since 1982. He spent equal years of ministry in the Middle East and the USA and received equal number of degrees from both. He served as a pastor, missionary, seminary professor, new church founder, and as a national staff of the Presbyterian Mission Agency. Raafat is passionate about holistic approaches to ministry and church growth that emphasize spiritual transformation, discipleship and sweeping social justice. His work as a mission agent fostered transformative leadership, and inspired intercultural and global networks within the PCUS, WCC and Commission on World Mission and Evangelism. Raafat believes in and advocates for a church that breaks all barriers for Christ and “gathers all nations and tongues” in one place. He loves the image of bridges and sees himself as a builder of strong and wide bridges for all to cross over safely.

Michelle Ramage

Michelle Ramage is a Southern California native who spent six years living in Seattle and now calls Long Beach home. She studied Global Development and Reconciliation at Seattle Pacific University and just finished her M.Div at Fuller Seminary. She is on a journey of listening to and seeking to follow the voice of her Good Shepherd, Jesus. She is a former jail chaplain, community organizer, and is currently in the Free Methodist ordination process. She desires that all would taste and see the abundant goodness of God. Michelle delights in her family, good Mexican food, reading, dancing, and noticing life’s ordinary miracles.

Ryan Charles Brown

Ryan Charles Brown is a passionate community organizer, an advocate for “Active Fatherhood” and a dedicated husband and father to Jenn and Reece. Over the past 8 years, Ryan has been serving church communities in various capacities throughout Los Angeles. In his last role as Director of Community Integration at Mission Hills Christian Church, Ryan created and launched a Podcast, facilitated panel discussions on topics such as mass incarceration and climate change and hosted a community dinner in collaboration with The People’s Supper. Ryan holds a Master’s degree from Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena and received his undergraduate degree in Psychology from Michigan State University. (Go Green!) In his free time, Ryan enjoys making music, reading, and spending time with his family.

Christopher Lopez

Christopher Lopez is originally from Central FL and moved to LA with his wife Carly Lopez to complete his M.Div. at Fuller Theological Seminary. Christopher Emphasized in religion and culture through which he discovered a love for storytelling (films & comics) and journalism. He has written for media outlets, such as, Reel Spirituality and RELEVANT Magazine and produced a short film titled An Origin Story. While pursuing his master’s in library information science, Christopher serves as a pastor for New Abbey North Hollywood, helping the church community decolonize its social imagination to decentralize Church leadership and cultivate an interdependence in the neighborhood. A fun fact: Christopher is a comics studies scholar, publishing with academic journals and book presses on the social and formal functions of Comics.