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The 1001 New Worshiping Community Residency – Hagar’s Community Residency

2020-2021 – An Invitation

Applicants are sought for a one-year 1001 New Worshiping Community residency with Hagar’s Community Church.  A Church established on the inside of the Washington Correction Center for Women (The largest Women’s Prison in Washington State).

Applications, including letters of reference, are due by March 15, 2020.

The mission of Hagar’s Community Church is to be a Sanctuary for God’s Beloved Exiles at the Washington Correction Center for Women (WCCW).  To afford the individuals who are incarcerated at the WCCW their own Christian community through which they might explore their spirituality and encounter the proclamation and experience of God’s love. The mission further includes engaging the congregations on the outside into relationship with this New Worshipping Community at WCCW. In Matthew 25 we learn that the people of God are called to visit the prisoner. We also remember from Ephesians chapter two that in Christ all can become part of the household of God and no longer remain the stranger. Because of the call to know God and make God known, especially among the incarcerated, the Presbytery of Olympia has planted Hagar’s Community Church at the WCCW. This ministry walks alongside incarcerated women so they may actively seek their own spiritual connection to God, be empowered in their journey of healing, experience fellowship in a community of faith, and learn a new sense of belonging, to God and among the people of God, in and out of the corrections center.

The 1001 Resident will be exposed and immersed in the correction environment.  The individual will also need to be vetted and trained by the Department of Corrections- our Pastor Rev. Lane Brubaker will walk the resident through this process.  The resident will help Rev. Lane Brubaker coordinate weekly worship services, Bible Studies, Spirituality groups, and one on one pastoral care.  The resident will also be a spokesperson for the community and will connect with local congregations telling the story of what God is up to inside the walls of a prison.  The 1001 Resident will need to have a good sense of self and ability to accept a wide range of individuals.  Hagar’s Community Church is about the business of proclaiming the Gospel truth that God indeed loves, without measure, every individual incarcerated at the WCCW- and we know that this truth has the ability to transform not only the women at the WCCW, but also the Churches in our presbytery and potentially our denomination.

It is our goal to be a ministry with, rather than to, those who are incarcerated. We believe that this work will indeed bring about a deeper spirit of unity among the women at the WCCW and the larger community that surrounds the WCCW. 

Another goal of Hagar’s Community Church is to be a new voice within the Chaplain’s office at the WCCW- one that affirms all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, or faith expression.  Currently the majority of religious offerings at the WCCW have a conservative worldview and do not affirm all people (specifically our lesbian and trans sisters).  Hagar’s Community Church offers a different worldview- specifically one that affirms all sexual and gender identities

A Theological goal of Hagar’s Community Church is to be firmly rooted in a reformed theological identity.  Meaning that our core understanding is that one cannot earn God’s redemption, rather it is freely given through the grace of Jesus Christ- that proper belief is not a requirement to belong.   Within the fences of a prison this theological undergirding is refreshing and transformative. 

Residents will report directly to The Pastor of Hagar’s Community Church Rev. Lane Brubaker , and will take part in our leadership team meetings.  There will be weekly meetings to discuss short, medium, and long-range goals for the Resident.  At these meetings, there will be accountability for tasks assigned to the residents.

Financial Support: The total package available for support of this residency is $45,000 for the year, to include salary and health insurance support. Hagar’s Community Church will work with the successful candidate to organize the package to be most beneficial to the resident. The resident will be an employee of The Presbytery of Olympia.

Selected applicants will take part in the National 1001 New Worshiping Communities Residency and Apprenticeship Training program this summer July 6-9 2020 (location TBD and costs covered).

Applications, including letters of reference, are due by March 15, 2020.

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Lane Brubaker
(504) 715-3715

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What attracts you to this residency?
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Application deadline is March 15, or when the position has been filled.  Questions? Contact Lane Brubaker at hagarscommunitychurch@gmail.com or (504) 715-3715 or Sara Hayden at sara.hayden@pcusa.org.

Email your completed application and cover letter to the following persons:

Lane Brubaker at hagarscommunitychurch@gmail.com
Sara Hayden at sara.hayden@pcusa.org