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Residency at Beacon

Check back in the fall

All positions for apprenticeships and residencies are filled for 2017–18.

Meet the 1001 apprentices and residents

Contact Sara Hayden to recommend future residents and apprentices or to support this growing initiative.

Applications for 2018–19 will be accepted in late fall 2017.

Beacon is a newly chartered church that strengthens our community of Kensington in Philadelphia through art, storytelling and faith. We host secular programming, faith-based programming and weekly evening worship that affect a broad spectrum of our immediate neighbors, even as some programs remain small in attendance. Beacon is a young church (begun in 2011, chartered in 2015), scrappy, entrepreneurial and informed by nonprofit models, with an exciting and dynamic future.  

Since 2011 Beacon has been re-envisioning worship and what it means to be a faith community as a part of the 1001 New Worshiping Community movement, an initiative of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). Both Beacon and the 1001 NWC movement are thrilled to invite applicants for a special pastoral residency at Beacon.

The pastoral resident will live in a house provided in conjunction with one of Beacon’s partners and another 1001 NWC residency site, Broad Street Ministry, in center city Philadelphia. This arrangement sets the tone for a living and working environment that will challenge the pastoral resident to fully immerse him or herself into an urban context and all the theological and social complexities therein. The resident will be given the opportunity to grow into his or her unique sense of pastoral leadership in a context that is innovative, adaptive and open to risk. At the end of the residency, the pastoral resident will know how to:

  • Complete a neighborhood assessment and utilize that data
  • Convene stakeholders and necessary skillsets
  • Create a lean and entrepreneurial budget
  • Gain an awareness of a political landscape
  • Discern and articulate the particularity of his or her gifts and calling
  • See a way forward where others see nothing but obstacles

The resident will be empowered to create a cohesive and compelling mission plan and identify potential funding sources that will enable him or her to start or re-start a new worshipping community upon completion of the residency.

1001 New Worshiping Community Residency Program at Beacon

The ideal applicant to this residency program at Beacon has an appetite for risk, a commitment to doing what needs doing to accomplish an overall mission, an openness to learning about how things have come to be at Beacon as a test case for his or her future ministry, and an appreciation for and commitment to clarity of communication (to a world increasingly confused by the Church, its customs and vocabulary). The ideal resident lives and breathes a theology of incarnation: loving first, storytelling second. She or he works well on a team, taking direction from his or her supervisor, but is also willing to “own” a program—to be responsible for its execution and success, from start to finish. The ideal applicant knows how to get away from the job when needed but when at the job, is truly present.  She or he takes the gospel incredibly seriously but the institution and him or herself much less so.

The pastoral residency at Beacon, as a part of the 1001 New Worshipping Communities Residency Program is a residency for the faith-motivated entrepreneurial in the 21st century.  Residents participate in all aspects of Beacon’s life and work, leading worship, building relationships with community members and organizational partners, designing curriculum, supporting community programming, participating in board meetings, and learning about grant-writing, administration, and leadership from one of Beacon’s founding pastors.

A discernment team selects candidates for the program.  In addition to possessing the qualities described above, an ideal candidate for the NWC Residency at Beacon will possess an interest in journeying with a community to see them grow in awareness of God’s work and presence in their lives.  She or he delegates and equips people to take responsibility for their faith practices and has excitement and enthusiasm about starting things from scratch.  He or she is an unapologetically Christian leader who is savvy about loving and meeting people where they are.

Residents will receive housing and a stipend of $15,000, plus a health insurance grant of $1,500. Residents also will take part in an advanced national training (costs covered by the Presbyterian Mission Agency) with 1001 apprentices and other residents June 12–15 in Los Angeles, California. Applications, including letters of reference, are due by March 15, 2017.

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For more information about Beacon, go to: and/or find us on social media:, @thewordatbeacon.

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