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1001 Apprenticeships and Residencies


If you are currently leading an NWC and would like more support, or are exploring a call to be a part of this movement, we encourage you to apply to one of our apprenticeship and residency programs for 2019-2020.
The program, led by Sara Hayden, director of apprenticeships, residencies and leadership cohorts, has three major components:

  • Inaugurating a contextual and transformative new ministry from scratch
  • Participating in a cohort of peers and mentors for reflection, training and discernment
  • Learning through a professional coaching session every three weeks

“We invest heavily in the apprenticeship model because we believe this work cannot be fruitfully done in isolation,” Hayden said. “Our peer cohort component encourages humility and mutual support. Concrete training gives participants access to insights many of us have learned the hard way and, over time, spiritual direction. Coaching ensures the work is contextual and sustainable, gospel-formed, motivated and inspired.”

Current program participants took part this summer in antiracism training led by the Open Table, a 1001 New Worshiping Community in Kansas City. The group also spent time team-building, experimenting with diverse models of worship, receiving asset-based leadership analysis training in StrengthsFinder, missional theological training, and developing skills in entrepreneurial leadership and faith-based formation.

Regardless of the program, all accepted applicants receive:

  • discerning and starting new ministries from scratch
  • a national training with all residents and apprentices during summer 2019
  • a cohort of peers and mentors throughout the duration of the apprenticeship or residency
  • one: one coaching with an experienced NWC coach
  • a stipend to support their work

Who can apply?

Apply by March 15!

This program is open to people at any stage of the life. We have had college students, seminarians, seminary grads, pastors, and other professionals successfully complete an apprenticeship or residency.

Part-time Apprenticeships

1001 NWC Residency map
Sara Hayden

9-Month Apprenticeship
Anywhere USA

Sara Hayden
Contact Sara Hayden for information

Summer Apprenticeship
Los Angeles CA



Full-time Learning Residencies

The Open Table worship service
Baptism being performed at The Word at Beacon
Oakland Residency program banner
Welcome to Historic Braddock sign

The Open Table
Kansas City, MO

Beacon Church
Philadelphia, PA

Pittsburgh, PA

Mon River Valley
Pittsburgh, PA

Wayfarer's Chapel signage
TM Thomas NWC building
diverse hands-Hayward Residency program banner

Wayfarer’s Chapel and Pueblo Presbytery
Colorado Springs, CO

T.M. Thomas and Philadelphia Presbytery
Chester, PA

Hayward Presbyterian Church
East Bay Area, CA



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