Wellshire Presbyterian Church

Denver, Colorado

To support dismantling systemic racism, weekly we share definitions of race-related terms, including Critical Race Theory. We read children’s books featuring people of color and promoting diversity and inclusion. Music offerings include African American and African music.
For Lent, the “Again and Again” series was the foundation for sermons and small group discussions. “Again and Again” was a challenging series with devotionals by the Rev. Denise Anderson coordinator for Racial and Intercultural Justice in the PC(USA). One sermon compared George Floyd’s death to that of Jesus’ death and our roles as Christian witnesses to those who testified on behalf of Floyd.
We sent funds to four organizations supporting diversity, including legislative, judicial, service and educational resources. Our administrative team, including human resources and purchasing, adopted DEI policies.
We are exploring partnerships. We reached out to our local representative on the City Council to support Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in community building.
We report on diversity success quarterly! Questions are welcome.