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Jacques and Stephanie were one of many families that received surprise deliveries of food, cleaning and hygiene supplies and activities this Christmas.
Thanks to a last-minute opportunity to apply for a “Kansas Beats the Virus” mini-grant, we applied for and received $3,000 to help refugees safely quarantine during COVID-19. Helping our refugee families is one of our core mission projects, and finding a way to help them during the pandemic was a natural fit.
So, the Mission Commission and volunteers swung into action. Families got four large bins of food and supplies. Most importantly, each family received information from the CDC about COVID-19, translated into Swahili.
Thanks to extra donations and dedicated volunteers, we were able to deliver help and hope to over 20 local refugee families. In a difficult year, it was great to see smiles on everyone’s faces!
Mwaka Mpya Njema! (Swahili for “Happy New Year”)