St. Paul Presbyterian Church

Louisburg, North Carolina

St. Paul Presbyterian Church in Louisburg, North Carolina, is led by Dr. Felecia Hardy with a ministry focusing on service and education. As we struggle to adapt to the changes wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic, we also grapple with how to support our families. St. Paul has assisted by erecting the Blessings Resources Pavilion, which provides visitors a 24-hour self-service location to obtain items such as nonperishable food, produce, clothing, hygiene products and educational resources. We hold additional full-service events to distribute cold storage items such as meat, eggs and dairy. Our partners include Franklin County Interchurch Council, Tar River Baptist Association, Red Springs Mission Camp, Alpha Kappa Alpha Inc., Delta Sigma Theta Inc., and Baptists on Mission. We have connected with over 200 families. We consistently restock the pavilion and have distributed over 2,000 pounds of cold storage food. Our goal is to be an example of the true meaning of Matthew 25 and be a source of spiritual guidance.

Photo caption:  Restocking Blessings Resources Pavilion